Finance Monthly - Tax Awards 2022

Finance Monthly Taxation Awards 2022 Taiwan 65 About Francis Kuei Francis Kuei is a Taiwan lawyer and registered foreign attorney in California Bar of the United States. He holds LL. B from Taiwan University specializing in financial and economic law as well as exchange student at Peking University specializing in China Tax. He obtains LL.M with honors from L’université Paris 2 Panthéon-Assas in France expertizing in international business law. Prior to launching advocate career, Francis Kuei served in Financial Ombudsman Institute for years and presided over hundreds of controversies. With financial savvy, he is a seasoned lawyer in combination of trust or insurance instruments on tax planning and estate inheritance. Coordinating with accountants, lawyers, and banks, his service comprehensively navigates clients’ investment portfolio, help family to manage sustainable wealth and achieve multigenerational success. Beyond consultation and litigation work, Francis Kuei is also the vice president of Taiwan Bar Journal, he regularly lectures in institutes and contributes to legal and tax publications, notably included in Taiwan Bar Journal and Anglo Tax Review. He is an author of several tax articles and co-authors of many books commenting on Taiwan tax judgments. About Kuei &Partners Kuei & Partners is a boutique firm located in Taiwan, where Francis Kuei is the partner of tax planning and financial law. We advise clients, especially family office, on their most critical tax, corporate management and inheritance matters, including reducing overall tax costs and safely passing estate to their beloved. Our clients entrust us on end-to-end tax planning throughout their lives and at every stage of transactions. Global network of lawyers and accountants enables us to look after crossborder tax issues. Drawing on a multidisciplinary team dedicated to serving the unique needs of family offices and enduring enterprises, we also represent clients in financing, real estate, and litigation matters. Partner of Tax Planning & Financial Law Kuei & Partners Taxation Lawyer of the Year Taiwan Contact Francis on: Email: Tel: +886-9-20-884-811 Francis Kuei

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