Finance Monthly - Tax Awards 2022

Q Q Q Finance Monthly Taxation Awards 2022 Canada 27 Please tell us abit about yourself andREWServices. I founded REW Services to bring my deep skills and experience in tax management to a wider global audience. Having worked in international tax and M&A tax for over 20 years - most recently as the leader of a 25-person strong global institutional investor tax team - I felt there was a gap in the market offerings that are available to Heads of Tax to tap into the real-world practical knowledge and insights that would elevate theirs and their teams’ overall performance. That elevated performance will manifest itself primarily across the important areas of strategy, tax in the business, team and talent management, technology, and government relationships, with talent being first amongst equals. The mission is simple: to work with tax leaders (and finance and legal leaders where appropriate) to fill that gap from my own extensive experiences as a leader and coach with a strong strategic mindset, married with a long-term approach to how teams should and will need to operate and evolve over the next 10-15 years. The aim is to create world-class teams who are equipped with the right resources to face the particularly stiff challenges that we know are coming. REW Services’ primary area of expertise is in designing a team’s long-term strategic vision to bring clarity to what is inherently unclear, and then breaking that vision down into manageable and actionable parts. We have a particular focus and expertise in ESG matters, over and above the market norm. We also assist with more immediate, tactical projects, and we are able to steer teams around many of the issues that can befall complex, multi-country projects to achieve the desired successful outcome. The third part of our business works with tax, finance, and legal leaders individually, to supplement a larger project or to work on separate individual professional objectives if needed. Team is key and having the right skills and mindset to lead a top performing team is paramount. Howhas the taxworld developed recently andwhat has influenced this? We all know that the tax world has changed dramatically, starting in earnest in 2008 in response to the global financial crisis and, most recently, with the OECD’s attempt to ensure businesses are paying their fair share in the ‘right’ place to reflect the economic realities of their activities. We believe that the correct response to these developments goes far beyond performing a technical analysis of the changes and then implementing whatever is necessary to comply, which most organizations have already done. REW Services was created to address issues just like this: to help design and shape a multi-faceted, comprehensive response to a deeply complex and long-term issue, where there are opportunities for Heads of Tax to influence wider outcomes, and where decisions made now can make the difference between success and failure in an uncertain future. What does this awardmean toyou? As a three-time winner of the Finance Monthly Business Taxation Award (for Singapore in 2020 and Canada in 2021), I am very happy and grateful to my current and former colleagues and my supporters/ mentors for all the encouragement which has spurred me on over the years. Receiving a peer-nominated award is always special, and it means so much to me at this particular time given the new chapter that I have embarked upon. I look forward to continuing the mission, not to mention the pleasing growth trajectory, of REW Services in 2022 and beyond. Founder, REWServices Ruth Woolmer An InterviewWith

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